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It’s not a big deal really, when you offer a service, you make the rules. Take it or leave it. Easy as that.

It’s only that sometimes Google pisses me off with some small detail. (For Google’s sake I must admit it’s not that often as some other tools I have to work with – like Seznam’s Sklik.cz – nightmare. From Sklik, I always run back to Google’s AdWords Editor or their web interface like the most scared, but most happy child – when the fight with Sklik’s logic is over. And for those who don’t know Seznam or Sklik: it’s very successful – on the Czech market – advertising platform which, in the near past, had even bigger share than Mr. G)

Anyways, back to the point, there is a (stupid) setting when choosing search network (picture).  I can’t opt-out Google and choose only Google partners!

Never needed before I that, would Yoda say (or something similar). But I do need it! Simple. I see in one of my (day)work campaigns, that Google search partners have better CPA for one of the products I promote. And it’s not 1 or 2 bucks. It’s $96 and $84 (my CPA goal is $85). Considering the total numbers, I was simply convinced that I will get better results when I split the campaign in 2 and start optimize them separately. So I came to this, never needed b4, setting and it’s not possible! Urgh!

I don’t wonder why’s that, there probably is some very sophisticated reason Google wants it this way. Whatever. Even with these little spots, I still like AdWords. And you, Sklik – shame on you!